Moving Forward

With a new promotion at work and great grades in college, she was 19 and the world was before her, until someone she thought was a friend raped her. She went to a local hospital for help. Because of a partnership between the Coalition and sexual assault centers across the state, services were available—even in rural counties like hers. She received a forensic rape exam and an advocate, who helped her navigate the court system, access community services, and get individual counseling. Because of your support, services were available when she needed them the most. Because of you, she has finished her degree and is looking forward to her next promotion at work.

Safe & Sound

She told her husband that she had been diagnosed with Lupus, and he began hitting her. When her daughters found her, she was covered in blood and missing some teeth. After she got out of the hospital, she found he had taken everything, and she began receiving threatening phone calls. So she got help from her local domestic violence program, which supported her in getting a new job and finding a safe home for her and her daughters. Moving day came and she needed an extra bit of help. Because of supporters like you, the Coalition was able to provide emergency financial assistance to help her close the gap and pay the deposit on her new home.

A Brighter Future

She was a mother of three and her abuser sexually and physically assaulted her. He forced her to sleep on the floor while he and their children slept in beds. He took her money and made her pay all the bills. Through the help of the Coalition’s Sexual Assault Legal Clinic, she was able to leave with her children, secure housing and support for her children, and keep her job. Because you support the Coalition, she and her children are no longer living in fear, and they are looking forward to a brighter future.

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