Legal Assistance Programs

The Tennessee Coalition provides free legal services to sexual assault survivors as well as immigrant and trafficked victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault throughout Tennessee. Our services are provided through two programs:

Immigrant Legal Clinic

The Tennessee Coalition Immigrant Legal Clinic provides legal advice and representation to immigrant and trafficked victims of domestic or sexual violence throughout Tennessee.

Tennessee is home to more than 160,000 immigrants and has one of the fastest growing rates of immigrant population in the country. The Clinic was created to address the unique problems faced by immigrant victims of domestic or sexual violence. There are no restrictions on what type of immigration case the Clinic takes, nor are there strict income guidelines. However all the clients must be victims of domestic or sexual violence and unable to afford an attorney on their own. Case acceptance is handled on a case-by-case basis and determined on the merits of the case and whether relief is available. 

Sexual Assault Legal Clinic

The Coalition offers direct legal services to sexual assault victims who may have legal questions and needs related to their victimization.

The clinic may assist with:

  • Family Law Matters

  • Orders of Protection

  • Victim's Compensation

  • Housing

  • Employment

  • Administrative Hearings

  • Referrals for Tort Cases

  • Other Legal Matters Related To Sexual Assault


Individuals may contact the Coalition at (615) 386-9406 or 800-289-9018 to see if they qualify for a consultation with the clinics. 

Additional Resources:

Women’s Law provides state-specific legal information in Spanish and English for victims and survivors of domestic violence, including information about immigration. Click here to see more.

Women’s Law provee información legal específica para cada estado en español e inglés para víctimas y sobrevivientes de violencia doméstica, incluyendo información sobre inmigración. De clic aquí para ver más.

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The office is closed but services are available. Reach us 8am-5pm Monday through Thursday at our phone number, 615 386-9406

24-hour State-Wide Domestic Violence Hotline- 1-800-356-6767

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