Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Eager, compassionate, and dedicated to our mission, volunteers are constantly needed and are always welcomed.

No special skills necessary, use your own interests and expertise as a guide on how to best help The Coalition. Set your own schedule and donate the time you have: once or twice a year, several days a week, or something in between. Sign up to join other supporters who have become extraordinary activists, unparalleled event planners, or other forms of super citizens through volunteering.

There are different ways to donate your time to helping change lives with The Coalition. Some options include:

  • Activist: Assist The Coalition in passing laws that protect survivors and victims of domestic and sexual violence while holding offenders more accountable by contacting your legislators and meeting with them when needed.
  • Event Planner: Help The Coalition raise money by planning and staffing events.
  • Online Ambassador: Follow The Coalition on your preferred social networking sites and amplify our reach by sharing our posts, commenting, and creating your own posts.
  • Community Ambassador: Help set up events, run an information booth, and/or attend community fairs.
  • Office Assistant: Answer phones, make copies or perform other office support tasks.
  • Write: Submit letters to the editor in response to news stories that affect survivors or contribute to the culture of victim-blaming.