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Thank You!

Thank you so much for supporting the Coalition on May 3rd--we raised nearly $3,000! Even though the Big Payback site crashed at 9:00AM, you still showed up to support us at Chauhan Ale & Masala House and again at the ALIAS Spring Concert, we are so grateful for your patience and understanding.  Though $3,000 is a lot to raise in one day, it’s not as close to our $10,000 goal as we had hoped. Please consider giving today to help us reach our Big Payback campaign goal of $10,000. Thank You!

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Safe and Sound

When her daughters found her, she was covered in blood and missing some teeth. After she got out of the hospital, she found he had taken everything. So she got help from her local domestic violence program, which supported her in getting a new job and finding a safe home for her and her daughters. Because of supporters like you, the Coalition was able to provide emergency financial assistance to help her close the gap and pay the deposit on her new home.

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events & trainings

​Senator Tommy Burks Victim Assistance Academy

June 5-10, 2016

The Senator Tommy Burks Victim Assistance Academy is a project of the Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence. The Academy is a comprehensive basic level training designed for victim service providers. The goal of the Academy is to improve services to crime victims by enhancing the knowledge and skills of victim advocates. This week-long session will offer a Tennessee-specific 40 hour curriculum modeled after the National Victim Assistance Academy.  

More Information

The Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence is the leading voice for survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Tennessee. Established in 1983 as a nonprofit agency, the Coalition is a statewide network of domestic violence programs, rape crisis centers, allied programs, and individuals working together to end domestic and sexual violence in Tennessee. We advocate for laws that protect victims of rape and abuse, train police officers, judges and frontline workers, provide life-saving services to victims, and partner with communities to prevent and end violence. We invite you to stand with us to improve the lives of survivors and create a world in which rape and abuse no longer exist.


The Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence is a nonprofit organization composed of community leaders and program members who share a common vision of ending violence in the lives of Tennesseans.